Our Story

Part II Bistro on Queen Street, Blyth.

The story of how Part II came to be begins abroad. We travelled and worked together in Great Britain for five years, absorbing as much culinary tradition as we could from wherever we found ourselves Рalways thinking that eventually we could draw from those different culinary experiences and create new, interesting and well presented cuisine in our own venue. Only when we came back to our home in Blyth, did we realize it was time to open our own bistro…it was time for PART II.

Flash forward to 2018: After 7 years of running a successful restaurant in Blyth, we closed the doors on December 15th, 2018. Our main focus now is the restaurant on the square in Goderich, and Peter has our catering business located there as well. Peter is available to cater weddings, events, galas, private parties at your own home, and various tastings.

Cedric Staehli was a huge part in helping us open our Goderich location; as were several other local people, too numerous to mention. Cedric worked with Peter in the kitchen until he left for Switzerland in 2018. Currently, Peter is at the helm of the kitchen at Part II Bistro Goderich, and Myron Hussey has since joined us as Director of Operations; coming to us from Mercer Hall in Stratford.

We look forward to serving you soon.

Peter, Sarah & our daughter, Georgia