Our Story

Part II Bistro on Queen Street, Blyth.

The story of how Part II came to be begins abroad. We travelled and worked together in Great Britain for five years, absorbing as much culinary tradition as we could from wherever we found ourselves – always thinking that eventually we could draw from those different culinary experiences and create new, interesting and well presented cuisine in our own venue. Only when we came back to our home in Blyth, did we realize it was time to open our own bistro…it was time for PART II.

Part II Bistro is located in the beautiful historic village of Blyth at 428 Queen Street. The restaurant boasts a warm and unpretentious décor where you will enjoy extraordinary casual dining in a chic interior that captures the history of the Blyth Festival Theatre located just across the street.

Join us for lunch or dinner and you will discover how our urban café décor introduces elements of traditional urban bistros, with richly ordained walls, chalkboard signs and the natural beauty of the village of Blyth.

Peter and Sarah Gusso